Services & Fees


1. Supervised Visitation; on-site/off-site

Offsite-locations may consist of locations such as:  CPS office, park, mall, restaurant, sports games, festivals, movies, museum, and many other prior-approved location.

2. Neutral drop-off/pick up

3. Virtual Visitation

Supervised visitation is defined as contact between the noncustodial parent and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third party. Supervised Visitation is the provision of a secure, neutral location in which visitation between families can occur that is monitored and documented thoroughly.


 Supervised visitation provider means any professional provider as defined under Family Code section 3200.5. The term “visitation monitor” or “child(ren) access monitor” is considered synonymous with “supervised visitation provider.”

Neutral drop off/pick up is the provision of a secure, neutral location at which parties can exchange their children for visitation. Exchanges will be documented.

Virtual Visitation is the provision where all parties are connected through technology and the monitor is present on the video conference of call. 


Technology can help to bridge many gaps, including those between a child and a non-custodial parent. Although nothing is as good as seeing a child in-person, virtual visitation offers the next best thing and is recognized and utilized by many states for both non-custodial parents and even grandparents

Accepted Cases:

Domestic Violence, Suspected Domestic Violence, Suspected Child(ren) Abuse, Suspected Mental Illness, Suspected Drug Use, Temporary / Court Ordered Restraining Order, Divorce, Foster child(ren), Child(ren) Protective Services cases, Conflict Resolution and Prevention cases. Each case will be assessed individually.

  Evidence Based Parenting CLASSES COMING SOON…

Parent education will help reduce the domestic conflict cases where that disputes about conservator-ship and visitation and not necessarily involving abuse, have presented the greatest and need and the key to reducing such conflicts before leading to abuse.


Supervised Visitation:
         Administrative Fee $25.00

On-site: $30.00
Off-site: $40.00

Neutral Exchange:
         On-site: $30.00
         Off-site: 40.00; additional fees contracted security

CPS/Department of Family Protective Services: Funds paid through Procurement Contract. REGION 7 ONLY

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m. –7:00 p.m. Some weekend, after hours, and holidays (upon approval).


Providing a safe and healthy environment for children and families.

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