Our Mission

It is the mission of UVC to provide a welcoming non-threatening environment for child(ren) that fosters a healthy parent/(child)ren relationship in the presence of an agreed or ordered neutral third party.

Please allow me to formally introduce Unity Visitation Center, Inc.(UVC). This innovative and fast- growing non-profit company that services the community by providing supervised visitation and neutral exchange to families in Central Texas. Our mission and vision described below allows us to stand out as a leader in this area. Thank you for choosing UVC to serve your families needs!


Our Vision

United Visitation Center (UVC) will facilitate a secured, neutral, and positive environment in which visitation and exchange can occur which fosters healthy parent/child(ren) relationships.

Over the Phone

Over the Phone

Over the Phone


UVC’s goal is to centralize safety of child(ren) and adult victims and hold batterers accountable. UVC will strive (1) to ensure a holistic response to each family member’s needs; (2) to stop continued abuse of child(ren) and adult victims; and (3) to eliminate the social conditions that cause intimate partner violence; and (4) decrease domestic disturbances and conflicts.

Legal Structure

Unity Visitation Center, Inc. (UVC) status is a Non-profit Organization is 501(c)(3) Public, which is described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and is exempt from taxation under 501(a) of that code see 34 U.S.C section 12291(b)(16)(B).  This organization is deemed a domestic violence non-profit organization in the State of Texas.

Unity Visitation Center date of existence: December 2017.


This non-profit organization is governed by a Board of Directors.


Unity Visitation Center, Inc. (UVC) will adhere to and subject to the laws governed by the State of Texas and Family Code.

Serving Childeren & Uniting Families

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